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The Construction Life podcast, featuring Manny, Mike, and Carlito (and some special guest appearances!) will shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of construction. Be forewarned - we may ruffle a few feathers.

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Episode Fifteen

July 2, 2018

Social Media and Construction

The Construction Life hosts talk about using social media to build your construction brand, attract clients, find sub trades, teach and learn from others and deal with Trollaholics out there.

Yes, social media can consume a lot of your downtime, and work time but social media can also be a great tool in your business.

Listen in, as the boys share a few secrets that have worked for them, and they will also share a few things to avoid.

Episode Fourteen

June 25, 2018

Mom and Pop Shops

We have a very special guest, Tony and we are on location at his store Mississauga Hardware Centre just outside the Toronto core.

On today's show, we talk about Mom and Pop Shops, Big Box Stores, the Construction Industry and what makes Mississauga Hardware Centre, a shop that has been around for 28 years a great place for laughs and deals.

We can't stop talking about the store, the staff, Mom and Pop, the contractors who visit, the tools and even Dragon Slayers comes up more than once, you don't want to miss this show.

Listen in as the Construction Life crew has a lot of fun talking with Tony, one of the most respected gentlemen in the construction business.

Episode Thirteen

June 18, 2018

Personal and Professional Time

In our 13th podcast, The Construction Life crew talks about Time, managing your professional and having more personal time.

How can we get ahead of our renovation businesses and still have a personal life for our family and ourselves? Too often renovators and tradespeople spend way too much time on their businesses, neglecting their families.

We offer up a few "Time" suggestions after a few interesting stories of our own experiences.

Episode Twelve

June 11, 2018

Women in Construction Part II

Join The Construction Life crew as we have another guest, the amazing Natasha from @naturalcarpentry as we continue the women in construction conversation. From trade school to running her own business in 15 years, Natasha shares a few stories about being a female construction business owner.

We discuss anything and everything with Natasha including a bleeding penis. Don't forget to give her a follow on Instagram.

Episode Eleven

June 3, 2018

Women In Construction

One of the many reasons why the 3 of us started a construction podcast was because of Episode Eleven, Women In Construction.

We had so much to talk about that we had to do it in 2 parts with 2 different women.

In this episode, we have Marta as our guest, a woman in the industry with over 15 years experience.

Working her way from faux finishing to a site super handling over 400 homes a year.

Listen in as we don't hold back with the questions and Marta doesn't hold back with the stories.

Episode Ten

May 28, 2018

Renoactors VS Renovators Part II

Now that the gloves are off, Manny, Carlito, and Mike continue the conversation that dropped the mic last week.
Things did get heated and we needed to press the pause button.
It was bound to happen when you get 3 different opinions about reno TV shows.

Check out the latest podcast where The Construction Life crew sheds more light on the Construction Show Business.

Episode Nine

May 21, 2018

Renoactors VS Renovators

In our latest podcast, we don't hold back on how we feel about the current crop of reno tv shows and the hosts, better known to us as Renoactors.

With The Construction Life, we have three different opinions about these shows and the content they present to our industry.

Listen to our most controversial podcast as things get heated and build up to an explosive ending between Manny, Carlito, and Mikey.

Episode Eight

May 14, 2018

Military Police Contractor

We have a very special guest on today's podcast, Will Gonell from Gonell Homes. Will talks to about how he went from the US Military to the police in the Bronx NYC to a Contractor in Toronto, Canada.

You don't want to miss this inspirational story from a true gentleman.

Episode Seven

May 7, 2018

Manny, Mike and Carlito

We finally get to introduce the hosts of The Construction Life, Manny from Hardcore Renos, Mike, and Carlito from Creatix Contracting.

In this latest podcast, the three contractors share a lot more about themselves, their private lives and how and why they got into construction.

Listen in and get a better understanding what makes these real contractors so passionate about our industry.

Episode Six

April 23, 2018

Old Dogs New Tricks

Roger from TechnoMetalPost joins The Construction Life crew as we get talking about new ways to build your foundation, working with helical piles.

Manny met Roger over 9 years ago and it was all about decks, getting rid of the old way of pouring concrete and using helical piles.

Today, helical piles are being used for more than decks, they are being used for buildings, additions, signs, fencing and more.

Join the talk today and see where helical piles can take your next project.

Techno Metal Post is the original with over 25 years experience and the world leader in Helical Pile and Screw piles. We have over 145 tried and tested Dealers in 11 Countries. We also manufacture both the helical piles and specialized equipment and have an outstanding engineering team that has been able to get all the certifications needed. If you're looking for something new and exciting, Techno Metal Post is looking for more dealers to join the family.

Learn more about Techno Metal Post at and

Episode Five

April 16, 2018

Respect The Next Trade

It is all about building more than a home, it is about building a team that respects each other. When a Tradesperson arrives on site, the site should be clean and ready for that Tradesperson to do the work involved.

When that Tradesperson is complete they should leave the job site just as clean for the next Tradesperson.

Join Manny, Mike, and Carlito as they share more than a few on-site stories about respecting the next trade and the talk gets right into all the crap we have seen on site, literally.

Episode Four

April 9, 2018

Designers and Contractors

In our 4th Podcast, we have a couple of 1st, we are on location at the Hanstone Showroom and we have 4 women in construction joining the talk.

We have Jennifer and Nicole from Hanstone Canada, Laura from Carpet One and Natasha from Studio 286 Design and we get talking about the construction life.

Things did get a bit heated and Mike, Carlito, and Manny had to sit back as the ladies got very passionate about a particular comment that was brought up.

Episode Three

April 2, 2018

Contractor Negotiations

Manny, Mike, and Carltio discuss how to handle negotiating with new and existing clients and sub-trades. Why is that a Contractor must always prove their skill set?

From the initial meet, to work schedules and expectations to that dreaded last payment, a Contractor must defend their career choice and the brand they have established.

In our 3rd podcast, The Construction Life crew get right into our professional experiences and offer up a few key thoughts.

Episode Two

Mar 26, 2018

Changing the Industry

Eamonn O'Rourke the CEO of Reno Run joins us for a pretty interesting talk about Changing the Construction Industry.Reno Run is a service that delivers construction material to your job site within 2 hours all done through an app.

Reno Run is the first to the market in the world, and The Construction Life hosts are incredibly thankful they did.
Listen to this hour-long talk, because we are going to ruffle more feathers.
This is The Construction Life.

Episode One

Mar 17, 2018

"Good enough" is not good enough for us.

This one expression has made us a few enemies in the construction industry - and we don’t care. Tradespeople who don’t care to learn new ways to build, are not interested in new products, and just want to phone in the work day on site and move on, are not good enough for us.

Today’s podcast is all about "good enough".