Hardcore Renos

The attention to detail and passion is always on site. AZ

Pure pleasure working with Manny and his team. OL

A knowledgable and great person to deal with. AH

Ideas are outside the box and implemented with a designer style. SC

Manny spends the time to Reno Educate you. RG

In the end you will always thank Manny. MN

Just leave him alone, its a thrill to see him create. PK

My crew is gold, they respect the next trade and the clients. MN

Renovations That Last Generations - So true! DK

Yes I can see my work from my house. PC

All the way down-under in Sydney, Australia...Love the videos, and your passion for building. HG

If it was easy it wouldn’t be Hardcore. GN

Love your videos, you really don’t hide anything. SC

Manny has lots of confidence when it comes to renovations. LP

Inspirations come from his travels and research. RB

Manny has a solution for every problem, I like that about him. LO

His crew is a direct reflection of how he renovates, he only works with the best. RG

Use the best, work with the best, build the best. MH

Manny’s constantly asking us questions, he wanted to know how we live, use our house. NS

Can we? Should we? Can you? Will you? When can start? ND

Can you move that stove? That would make me a mover, not a renovator. MN

Love that blue, green, teal, whatever, I never thought I would love it but I do. Thanks FP

For the time Manny’s here he really cares about your home. SW

The shower is awesome, absolutely beautiful. You have made me late a few times. SB

Fantastic to see another painting contractor spraying 2 coats of primer. VM

Is it too late to say this house is one of the most air tight homes in the city! BGG

You are awesome, love the work and the fact that you have fun with it. EF